Fanny and Pedro march 2019

Fanny trip march 2019

Fanny and Pedro march 2019



Until now I had never considered traveling with the Agency, but as a result of this trip I changed my point of view.

From the zero minute, being able to have personalised attention to any unforeseen event in a country that is not yet very open to tourism. Makes you propose a change of mind.

When something has not been to my liking to be able to solve it at the moment. Even with the attention of dinners that were not included at the beginning. It shows the professionalism and attention of your company.

Being able to know hidden places that neither the guides (of trips) contemplate, to understand customs and to be able to know the most correct attitudes before the people of this country, makes you value the daily accompaniment of someone like Nalinda. Nalinda was our Spanish speaking driver.

I consider that a good professional makes you have a special calm and a security that in trips like this one are precise.

Also note the professionalism of the agency, for being able to organise it with little time, before the decision to do it 3 weeks in advance.

Some hotels have not had the expected features, but booking at the last minute can not be expected to be perfect.

I do not doubt that all my friends I will talk about the experience of the trip with you because it is really worth it.

Thank you very much for all the attention you have had with us.

Once again, thank Nalinda for the support and attention she has always had with us.



It has been a very enriching experience, pleasant, quiet and full of encounters.

A success with the hotels and places visited.

The safari and rafting would always include it and the trips by car would make them as short as possible.

I recommend it!

Fanny 01/04/2019