Francisco December 2019


Francisco December 2019



It was a very satisfying journey, I was surprised and happy.

As a suggestion I would say that some of us like to have all the tickets of the places we have visited.

When we make an album we like to put them and know where they come from.

I liked the first part more because it is more authentic. The beach area is pretty much like everywhere else.

Nalinda, the Spanish-speaking driver, is a good companion for her good work and knowledge of being.

He taught us things related to the nature and daily life of people.

It also took us to places that weren’t on the way, like a fruit market. And we loved it.


We loved the country. In some of the places we visited we were the only tourists, and we loved it.

We love to know how local people live and where they live.

Francisco December 2019 so because and

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