Ruth and friends march 2019

Ruth and friends march 2019

Ruth and friends march 2019



The visit of Yala National Park should be a whole day.

Hotels do not need big and luxurious; something simpler better.

Before doing the tour, make the taste questionnaire better.

The guide must know more about the story in order to tell it.

Smallest and most sustainable vehicle. I have lacked a bit of responsible tourism.

The driver very nice and friendly but does not know much Spanish.

Remove the spice garden. Very small, it is simply a store with the botanical garden in the part of the species is enough.


Hotels: Although they are very good, some have a lot of noise. For us, they were too many stars. We would be enough with hotels or sustainable tourism houses, that is, hotels managed by the people of the country. Not big hotel chains.

Guide: The driver very well; No fault, the other way around, always aware of us. Anything we asked for tried to solve it, but at the level of the guide we believe that it has been scarce, even the guides that they had in the visits do not explain the history of what we saw. The trip in general very well. Good experience.


The experience has been good, Our driver Nasri excellent, but could have been improved in several aspects. For example, some hotels have had excessive services for what we needed and for the idea we had of the trip. Maybe you should ask yourself better in the previous management of it. Some of the scheduled visits could also have been eliminated and compensated with some optionals that we have made. Having no guide, we have missed many explanations in the visits.

Ruth 29/04/2019