Sonia and friends august 2019


Sonia and friends august 2019



No doubt we were very lucky to find your travel agency.

We have always felt comfortable and cared, both for the trip organisation and once in Sri Lanka.

Our driver Sampath always made us feel at home, he took care of us and helped us a lot, in everything we needed, without leaving any details.

He also explained everything by guiding us and this made the trip very special.

Thanks to him we have learned a lot from Sri Lanka (culture, religion, wildlife, etc.).

It was an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to him we appreciated everything because we were able to let ourselves be carried away and carefree.

We highly recommend it. Thanks for everything!


Thanks to your agency, we have been very supported at all times.

From the beginning with Ana, to manage and change the route, suggestions after suggestions, until arriving in the country with our driver Sampath. We had a huge fortune. Ana has been able to give us a lot of confidence (after the attacks) by telephone, both for our insecurities and for the informative ones.

They were always sincere and honest.

On the other hand, Sampath, our driver has always been a professional from head to toe.

He also made us a guide without being, deepening their customs, roads, gastronomy, etc. Sampath is exceptional as a professional, but better as a person.

Thanks to him we were very calm and confident and we leave with a beautiful memory and with a big smile in the mouth.

100% agency recommended treatment and magnificent professionals.


It was a great experience with a large organisation.

A journey no doubt not to be forgotten with the company of a driver who made us feel at home.

At all times and in every detail, making each day exceptional, offering unbeatable treatment and service.

Thanks for everything to Eden Travels and the best companion for this adventure Sampath !!!!


Our trip to Sri Lanka was a great experience thanks to Sri Lanka Eden Travels,

above all, the driver Sampath.

He was attentive at all times making us feel safe and at ease.

Thanks to his explanations with great knowledge we discovered Sri Lanka.

In conclusion, satisfied with the professionalism of Sri Lanka Eden Travels.

Sonia 02/09/2019