Women travellers

Women travellers

Women travellers

Trip of 15 Women travellers September 2018


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The trip was from 1 to 10 … 25, excellent, wonderful, fantastic, unique.

All the team formed by Sanji, Nalinda and the driver was WONDERFUL.

No problems. The right treatment, respectful, always with a good face, smiling.

Sanji: I told you and I repeat it, you are unique, a great person, you gave yourself body and soul, thank you, thank you.

The information you have given us and the sea you have put.

We are still in contact. Sri Lanka forever !!!


The program is excellent.

Excellent Sanji, Nalinda and our driver.

For me there is only one word that defines Sanji’s work and it is IMPECCABLE.

One word defines Nalinda: NOBILITY.

For Ana, who helped us design the program and answered all our requests: PROFESSIONALISM AND KINDNESS.

Thank you so much for making our trip a SUCCESS. Until next year.


Fabulous, I had a lot of fun. Just and unforgettable. Without words!


Why I loved traveling with you?. I felt very comfortable and safe at all times. You always looked at us and helped us a lot.

Thanks for everything! I hope to be back soon! I liked everything I saw and all the additional visits and activities.

I learned and had a lot of fun with you.


The experience was fantastic, excellent attention from all the staff. In general, very well.

One hundred percent recommended.

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I liked the trip in general. All very well organised on your part.

The surprising country and the choice of places for the days we had, managed successfully.

The guide is very professional and very psychologist.

Transfers are a little tiring due to the country’s infrastructure.

Obviously it’s not your fault.

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