Eagless golf links

Eagles’ Golf Link, China Bay

This is one of the most scenic and challenging golf courses in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The golf course is near the world famous Trincomalee natural harbor and overlooking the Clappenber Bay and the Malay Cove.

The 18-hole 6,802 yard par 72 golf course is in a stunning environment. Views of sparkling waters, bays, coves and the site of ships gives refreshing start to the game. Surrounded by trees and sometimes greeted by passing monkeys and deer is pleasing site for an unforgettable round of golf.

The Club House
01 - 352 Yards | Par 4​

The player tees off from an elevated tee in front of the Clubhouse, and drives on to a broad open fairway. A mid-iron will take him to the elevated green. A group of trees on the left has to be avoided. The green is guarded on the right by two bunkers.

02 - 437 Yards | Par 4

This is an outstanding golf hole which many will say is the Signature Hole-but as the golfer will see, there are other contenders for this title. The drive from an elevated tee calls for both accuracy and strategy. The more daring player can opt for placing his tee shot well to the right skirting Snug Cove. From there a mid-iron played over the water will set up par. For the more circumspect, the safer route takes in the left side of the fairway, but this route must avoid a stately Kumbuk tree, and getting on the green in regulation may not be possible.

03 - 170 Yards | Par 3

This hole skirts Bambara House, and the view from the tee is magnificent. The green is located lower down and demands a well-struck iron to achieve par.

04 - 356 Yards | Par 4

The hole is a dogleg left and the tee shot must hug the right side of the tree-lined fairway to allow a clear approach to the green. The approach on the left is guarded by two large Palu and Tamarind trees. The green is undulating and slopes strongly towards the bay.

Hole 5 Eagles golf link
05 - 348 Yards | Par 4

The fairway slopes downhill and to the right from the tee. Take too much club and you may be hacking your ball out of the rough on the left. Two trees have to be negotiated with the second shot and this may call for some innovative shot production.

06 - 356 Yards | Par 4

The first part of the fairway climbs up slope and to the left. If the drive is too short, the player will not have a sight of the green for his second shot which is played to a green situated down slope. Accurate judgement of distance will be rewarded. Trouble lurks behind and on either side of the green making a dropped stroke a virtual certainty for an inaccurate approach shot.

07 - 354 Yards | Par 4

The drive from this elevated tee is probably the most exhilarating on the course. The fairway is lined by trees on both sides, calling for accuracy. The long green nestles under a magnificent forest giant, but the green falls away sharply on the right. Although not overly difficult, this must rank as one of the prettiest holes on the course.

08 - 598 Yards | Par 5

A great Par 5 played from an elevated tee to an undulating fairway. The fairway drifts away to the left and rises slightly towards the green. The green will only be reached in regulation with three long and accurate strokes. The fairway and green are lined by magnificent trees.

09 - 124 Yards | Par 3

This hole will provide some relief from the exertions on the 8th, but care is necessary as the green slopes down to a deep drain which will punish an overly conservative club selection. Over-clubbing will result in a rather testing down hill approach.

10 - 406 Yards | Par 4

Another testing Par 4 which doglegs to the right. The best line to the green is from the left side of the fairway, but the trees and shrubs to the left must be avoided. The area beyond the back of the green is Out of Bounds. The hole demands a strong drive and an accurate mid-to-long iron to make par.

11 - 642 Yards | Par 5

This par 5 is the longest hole on any course in the island, and its length, and the fact that the fairway rises from the tee to the green make this a very demanding hole indeed, which is justifiably rated as Stroke Index 1 on the course. The fairway takes a slight double bend. The tee shot must be placed to avoid the tree on the right of the fairway. Most players will need three well-struck woods to reach the large elevated green.

12 - 383 Yards | Par 4

A fairly straightforward Par 4 which runs downhill from an elevated tee position. A large forest tree has been retained on the left side of the green approach, so the sensible route is on the right side of the fairway. A drive and a short iron should set up par on this hole.

13 - 453 Yards | Par 4

The tee shot needs to be long and accurate as the fairway is tree-lined and will punish any errant drives. The water hazard crossing the fairway on the approach to the green must be avoided if a stroke is not to be dropped on this strong Par 4 hole.

14 - 355 Yards | Par 4

A fairly straightforward drive and pitch will set up par. The trees on the fairway must be avoided, and the approach to this elevated green calls for good judgement of distance. To fall short of the green will almost certainly mean a dropped stroke.

15 - 424 Yards | Par 4

The climb up to the tee position is rewarded by a beautiful view across the bay. This is a very strong Par 4, rated index 3 on the course. The tee shot must be accurately placed between the Cinema Hall on the left and the buildings on the right which are Out of Bounds. A long uphill second shot is necessary to set up par on this testing Par 4.

16 - 388 Yards | Par 4

The tee shot may be placed to the right or left of the stately Ficus tree dominating the fairway. Both approaches offer opportunities for a mid-iron to the green. Relief can be obtained from the road which borders the right side of the fairway. The ground falls away sharply to the right beyond the road.

17 - 478 Yards | Par 5

The elevated tee position offers exceptional views towards the harbour. The tee shot is downhill and over-clubbing must be avoided. The hole takes a sharp dogleg right, and offers a good birdie opportunity to a long hitter who can cut the corner with his second. The more conservative approach would be to set up the approach shot to the green with a well-placed iron.

18 - 169 Yards | Par 3

The final hole offers more stunning views from an elevated tee position. The Eagle-shaped green calls for precise positioning of the tee shot avoiding the many bunkers which surround the green.