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Being based in Kandy, we’re a local travel agency with expertise on trips throughout Sri Lanka. 

We organise tailor-made trips with guides/drivers. Discover our itineraries, or customise your own trip according to your personal needs and wishes.

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Our most popular tours

One week is more than enough to know the most important country famous for it’s spices

The ideal holidays for families with young children and the not so young

Housed in ancient colonial houses while you get to know the stunning Ceylon

Enjoy a romantic journey in the most beautiful island in the world

This is an alternative route where we will visit less frequented and untouched places

This is an alternative route where we will visit less frequented and untouched places

Unique experiences in the deep Sri Lanka

14 days of trekking and discovering emblematic monuments in Sri Lanka

It is a unique experience offered only through our agency

Relaxing Journey through the paradise isle

White sand beaches of the east, Pigeon island and much more

Read our itineraries at your leisure. 

You will see that within a minimum time of 10 days you will be able to cover all the essential visits to monuments and national parks.

Sri Lanka Eden Travels, is a specialised local travel agency located in Kandy in the heart of  the hill country. 

Choosing  to travelling with us will give you a unique opportunity  to take advantage of our first hand  knowledge from people who really know the country in depth.

Local travel agency Sri Lanka

For the visitor our tours mean much more than a holiday of relaxation and fun.

Let us show you  this wonderful  island, which is located in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

It is a real journey to discover unique natural wonders and archaeological sites of  great interest and beauty  by offering to take you  to unexplored places away from the classic routes.

We are aware that our customers have high expectations and we take on board the responsibility of ensuring these are met.

because for us it is not just a matter of  tourism, its our passion to create bespoke tours that accommodate our customers needs.

Because of our extensive experience Sri Lanka Eden Travels want to share with travellers like you  the beautiful places to go and see and some of the best kept secrets around the island  that will undoubtedly make an amazing and unforgettable holiday.

Our Travel Guide has important information on when it is best to travel and when trips to Sri Lanka are good value.

Rest assured that  Sri Lanka Eden Travels  top priority is our commitment to your  safety and security at all times.

In addition  don’t  just take our word for this visit our web site where you can read the reviews of  travellers who have chosen Sri Lanka Eden Travels to discover this hidden treasure that is the ancient Ceylon.

Local travel agency Sri Lanka

Our Mission is to share with you  itineraries that are designed to offer you the opportunity to experience the magical atmosphere of a unique journey destined to remain in your heart. 

Passion to visit the world:

we have qualified staff, professionally trained and always ready to advise and help the customer. 

We plan and recommend itineraries as if we are  journeying  ourselves.


 A journey for those who are looking to experience a different culture and are willing to share not only many miles, but also many emotions. In addition to visiting the beauty of this wonderful country, the goal is to create a relationship of complicity and respect whilst making  new friends.


Everything in this heavenly island has a meaning and nothing is by chance.

Lush landscapes and cool climate are an ideal combination for cultivation and tea plantations; National parks are the natural  habitat for leopards and beautiful  beaches seem to be there to surprise you.

Planning a honeymoon,  Sri Lanka is the perfect island for  those who are wishing to make their special occasion more memorable, with romantic beaches, warm tropical waters, delicious exotics foods and a culture full of magic and charm.

Sign up for an exclusive trip, let yourself be seduced by the magic of this wonderful island, come with us on an amazing adventure.