What real clients say about our service


It is a great feeling to hear from our satisfied clients after the tour is over. It is very rewarding to know we delivered beyond customer expectations. 

We are happy to have 99% client satisfaction rate. As for the rest of 1%, we are constantly working on making them happy as well.

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At the end of the trip, our clients fill in a questionnaire where they present their opinions about our management and the organisation of the trip to Sri Lanka.

These travellers also rate circuit hotels, transportation, guides and drivers in English, Spanish, Italian and French. They also qualify our previous management and during the course of the itinerary.

All the testimonies are obviously very important for us and force us to improve our mission as a travel agency in Sri Lanka. We learn from their criticisms and we always try to improve those things that travellers do not like.

Please, read your comments to know that you can entrust us with the organisation of your trip because we are a specialised tourism agency in Sri Lanka.

As a result of our location in Kandy, Sri Lanka, we make the best routes for travellers and that is why they make very positive comments that you can read in the more than 150 opinions we have collected so far.

Here are not all the clients, only some of them.

Those who have wanted to post their comments on our website https://srilankaedentravels.com/

Tours organised for children are essential for our local agency.

We take care of all the details when traveling with parents with small children.

For this reason, for us, the assessment that families make of us is very important.

From all the family trips that we tailored or “a la carte”, we received very good comments.

The  evaluation that customers leave about the Hotels in Sri Lanka is positive.

On many occasions the Sri Lanka Superior category Hotels are above in quality compare to the Hotels in the rest of the world.

However, the same is not true for Standard Hotels.

From our travel agency we always advise that Standard Hotels in Sri Lanka have a quality a little lower than those in the rest of the world.

Even so, after our warning about these hotels, travellers still consider that Hotels in Sri Lanka are good value and have good quality services.

Our drivers are instructed to drive with the utmost caution.

The comments made by Eden Travels clients about the drivers and guides are always of gratitude and recognition to the great work of these professionals.

Either from guides and drivers, as, English, Spanish, Italian or French speaking.

Because we live and work in Kandy we have access to privileged information to create new routes to Sri Lanka.

This allows us to design exclusive, unique trips, reaching places that only we know.

It is for this reason that we receive an excellent score in everything related to the design of customised trips and on demand.

Also, in addition, to everything related to the management of the trip to Sri Lanka, before and doing the tour.

Sri Lanka remains the tourist destination chosen by Lonely Planet 2019.

See https://www.lonelyplanet.es/blog/best-in-travel-2019-los-10-mejores-paises.

This is something that also corroborates the people who travel with us to Sri Lanka.

All are positive comments about the old Ceylon.

They always mention to us the great security they feel, the hospitality of their people and their incredible nature.

Not only the Lonely Planet said it.
Marco Polo also wrote that “Sri Lanka is probably the most beautiful country in the world”.