Cecilia Tour in April 2023

When we decided to travel to Sri Lanka we looked at many options to organize it. Finally we decided on Viajes Eden and it was a success! It is an agency based in Kandy who knows the country very well and prepared us the best tour according to our needs. Both we and our 9 year old daughter have really enjoyed it! It is an incredible and varied country, exuberant nature, many animals, endless beaches, delicious food and above all, wonderful people, very friendly and with all the desire in the world to please. It is also a very safe place, which is also appreciated when traveling with children. The airline we flew with lost my suitcase and Ana and her entire Eden travel team behaved extraordinarily well, taking care of it at all times, although it was not at all their responsibility. It is appreciated when you are so far away to have solid support in your same language. Our driver, Nasri, is a great guy, it has been great to have him with us, the best travel companion! In addition, he defends himself very well in Spanish. In short, a highly recommended trip! ❤️ Bohoma istouti!!!! (Thank you so much)