How to organize a trip with a local agency?

Organise Your Trip

How to organize a trip with a local agency?

How do you start planning a vacation?

Do basic online research and identify the travel agency you can interact with

By now in this technological time, almost everyone has access to tons of information online.
Unfortunately not all that is found is true, in some cases, with the ease of promoting oneself on the Web, we come across real fraud.
You must evaluate and consider using your knowledge and intuitions, but in many cases, after a first contact, there are many factors that can give us an idea of who is responding.

Check the efficiency of the chosen agency by looking at the web page, reviews, mails and telephone

For example, the tone of the emails, type of itinerary, advice that is given to us in response to our requests ... (perhaps too peremptory, or inconsistent, or rather precise, detailed, etc.).
If you find the lack of professionalism in the organization and customer service, turn the page.
Having often traveled the world, in my online searches I carefully observe many small details.
We will observe the web page setting and lay out, as checking the recent activity of updates, attention to detail in the presentations of the Tours.

Plan your tailor made tour with their local travel agent

I consider very important the possibility of being able to contact them effectively and quickly, including the use of emails in the first place, to formalise important communications and including one of the many communication tools now available at cost zero, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

Check through the website the hotels offered that you like

We always consider the possibility of receiving at least two options when choosing hotels for our Tour.
Also receive the Hotels links in order to obtain further information such as the location and the services offered.

After defining the itinerary and accommodation, check the payment and cancellation conditions

In order to avoid surprises, do not hesitate to ask what the tour price includes, but above all to obtain clear payment methods and cancellation conditions.

Buy the International flights

Today we have several possibilities to search and then buy international flights.
We can carry out a simple online search, where I always recommend going directly to the airline's official page, with which in the event of any cancellation or delay, we can directly complain (unlike the various platforms, which offer cheaper flights, but where we will meet the obstacle of contact, making interaction difficult).

Get the tourist visa through the official web and check for any health restrictions

For the Tourist Visa, I recommend paying attention to the passport expiry date.
In many countries, it must still be valid for at least 6 months from the date of return.
Consider early whether to renew it before the deadline, the time to get a new passport can be a little long.
Remember to always make the request through the country's official government sites, check that it is not a private agency that will then certainly apply commissions thus increasing the total cost of the Tourist Visa.

Clarify doubts and solve problems quickly

Once you have activated the contact with the Travel Agent, do not hesitate to ask and clarify all the doubts you have inherent about your holiday.

Enjoy the holidays

We will finally be ready to enjoy our wonderful holiday.

When and why to travel with a local agency

Certainly with a Local Agency you get various privileges:

  • The ability to design your trip and visits at your convenience
  • Traveling alone in total freedom, but above all having a means of transport available for you
  • Choose the hotels among those selected by the agency and decide the category and treatments of the stay
  • Customer service, prior to booking and during the tour
  • A local guide available for all your requests, showing you many aspects of the culture of the place
  • Cost savings without intermediaries and Tour Operators but direct contact with the Local Agency

In my opinion, this type of travel is very suitable for those who do not like to move in large groups and prefer to travel as a couple, family or with friends.

In addition, if you also love long-haul travel but you have a few days of vacation, optimising logistics and costs is essential, so this solution could really be for you.

organizzare un viaggio

Do you want to visit Sri Lanka but you are not sure which agency to book?

Some prefer “do it yourself”, others prefer to rely on a local travel agency.

In my opinion, for a trip to Sri Lanka, relying on a local agency with a guide is the best solution, thus breaking down the linguistic problem and the cultural difference

How do you organise the Tour with our Agency to Sri Lanka?

We start sending quote requests through our forms or contacting them directly via WhatsApp.

In addition send also information on the indicative travel days, generally tell a little what type of travellers you are and what you expect from this new experience.

Maybe explain that you like nature, food and local traditions, that you like to get in touch with local people, that you really like safaris, etc. etc.

Another important thing to indicate immediately is the price range of the hotels and accommodations you want (cheap, boutique or luxury), so that we can make appropriate estimates for your budget.

How to decide the itinerary?

This is perhaps the longest and most complex phase.

Usually the first proposal that you receive is that of a fairly standard itinerary, which is needed, both for the agency and for us, to “take some measures”.

In our case I take advantage of the publications of articles or Travel Guide where important information are included to increase your country knowledge, you will find everything on our agency web page.

Surely with the information assumed You will have a clearer idea of places to visit or excursions and safaris to participate in.

It will be later important to dialogue with the Agent to inform you about the weather situation, of the transfers times and to advise you about the choice of the visits and the optimisation of the movements.

If we want to do some particular activities (sports, shopping, visit a monastery, etc.) or have free time to go around alone, we show it, so that it is included in the program and in the quote.

Consult our Travel Guide with its always updated and excellent articles for information about the most important places, history, excursions and safaris.

Do you have doubts about what is included in the price?

Ask, without fear.

It must be crystal clear from the outset what is included and what is not in the price: hotels, meals, entrances to natural parks or historical sites, excursions, cars, tolls, petrol and taxes.

If your interlocutor is honest and reliable, he will give you all this information clearly, without even having to ask for it.

In Sri Lanka Eden Travels we are without a doubt clear from the first contact with the customer, informing with clarifications and advice throughout the Tour booking process.

We also ensure total assistance even during your stay in Sri Lanka, offering you an efficient and continuous service.

budget per un viaggio

What about payments?

Once the itinerary and all the above have been agreed, you usually pay a deposit for confirmation (from 10 to 20% of the total price).

From this moment will start the confirmation of the hotels, which will be sent to the customer within 24/48 hours.

Payments by foreign bank transfer have commissions, as you well know.

However, check that the Agency does not request payment of further commissions to them.

Once arrived in Sri Lanka, it will be necessary to pay the rest of the cost of the Tour which can be paid by cash or credit card.

Find out about the accepted currency, although up to now it is possible to pay in Euros without difficulty.

I also recommend asking if you need to bring dollars for other needs.

How to get the Tourist Visa?

It’s very simple, we have simplified the steps in the article how to get it in our Practical Guide, follow the link and in 3 simple steps to receive it directly to your email



Here it is, nothing mysterious then.

I hope this article will be useful to those who have not yet tried to organise a trip with a local agency.

For any other clarification or doubt, do not hesitate to contact me at the email

or on WhatsApp at +393336449849

Sri Lanka is indeed the perfect place for children and for people who like animals and nature.

This country is incredibly green.

It is impossible not to find elephant herds on safari or even on the same road traveling.
It is also very easy to see leopards, macaques and other types of monkeys, giant squirrels, jackals, etc. etc

Furthermore, walking with children and adults through the Peradeniya Botanical Garden is a delight. Along with the giant trees and millions of plants, we will also find monkeys and other animals in this immense place.

How to organize a trip with a local agency?

We use all the available and easy-to-use technologies to stay in touch with our customers.

Besides the email, the most used method, we are always available by phone and WhatsApp.

It is also possible to communicate via Skype or FaceTime or any other application available to the customer, but only with prior appointment.

We pay a lot of attention in being able to communicate to the customer all the necessary information to offer all the tranquility to you even while you are on Tour.

Living and working in Kandy, facilitates access to privileged information to create new routes and itineraries to Sri Lanka.

This allows us to design exclusive and unique journeys, reaching some places that only we know.

This is why we receive an excellent score in everything related to the design of customised and on-demand trips.

Moreover, we pay a lot of attention to everything related to the management of the booking and assistance, always in English, Spanish and Italian, of your trip to Sri Lanka.

How to organize a trip with a local agency?

Meanwhile, those who love exotic beaches, full of palm trees and coconut trees, offer beaches in the west of the country such as Bentota, Ambalangoda, Chilaw and Negambo.

You can also swim in the Indian Ocean in the east of the country on the beaches of Trincomalee, Pasikudah, Nilaveli …

If you like surfing you can practice at Arugam Bay, Weligama or Mirissa. 

And of course, we have the beaches of southern Sri Lanka such as Tangalle, Unawatuna, Galle, Ahangama, etc. etc

If you like cities, we have Kandy, Jaffna, Galle Fort and Colombo where you can walk and shop among the wonderful shops and restaurants.
In a nutshell, we have a country with a wide variety of climates, places, cultures, religions, etc. 
Where we will always find Sinhalese smiling and waiting for us with open arms.

Coming to Sri Lanka and not being surprised is absolutely impossible.

How to organize a trip with a local agency?