Culture and Religions in Sri Lanka

Culture and Religions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is basically inhabited by two different ethnic groups:

The Sinhalese people, mostly Buddhists, who make up 75% of the population, first settled on the island from India.

The Tamil people, of Hindu religion, make up 20% of the population.

Tamil where brought at the time of the colonies, to be used in tea plantations.

Buddhism and Hinduism are the predominant religions in Sri Lanka.

The Christianity, Islam and a small Zoroastrian minority.

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The Veddha culture survive in restricted areas of the eastern jungle, where they practice nomadic hunting and the collection of fruit and roots.

Veddha mainly monogamous, are organised in small communities or clans with matrilineal succession.

Veddha adopted the Sinhalese which they enrich, however, with Sanskrit archaisms.

They seem to have a secret language, used only for the cult of the dead, which forms the basis of their religion.

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