The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course

Eagles’ Heritage Golf Club, Anuradhapura

The Eagles’ Heritage Golf Course in the Ancient Kingdom of Anuradhapura is located approximately 5 km away from the city of Anuradhapura, within the Sri Lanka Air Force Base. This serene 9 hole course offers an 18 hole experience with different angles of tee ,and promises a challenging, enjoyable and unique round of golf for a par of 70, comprising nearly six kilometers of picturesque, undulating lush Bermuda grass fairways and Tifdwarf greens replete with tall magnificent trees.
The club house is complete with a restaurant and a bar and fully air conditioned rooms for the holiday makers. While playing a game of golf, the rest of the family could spend their leisure time enjoying the wonderful and historical sites of the ancient city of Anuradhapura. They can also enjoy the swimming pool and its facilities, the jogging track or the playing area for children. The runway is in close vicinity of the golf course and the club house, which also makes it quite memorable as aircraft fly low and close to the course.An enchanting view of the great Nuwara Wewa at the end of the runway enhances the experience, creating a challenging environment for an unforgettable game of golf.
Eagles’ Heritage Golf Course is blessed with warm to hot weather year round, assuring golfers of the ideal warm sunny days during most of the year, with the exception of the North-East Monsoon from November to February when afternoon showers are common.

Accommodation facilities
The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 1
01 - 280 Yards | Par 4

The player tees off from an elevated tee in front of the Clubhouse, and drives on to a broad open fairway. A mid-iron will take him to the elevated green. The swimming pool and the water barrier in front of the tee have to be avoided. The green is guarded on the left by two bunkers.

02 - 461 Yards | Par 5

This is an outstanding dog leg left golf hole which many will say is the Signature Hole-but as the golfer will see, there are other contenders for this title. The drive from an elevated tee calls for both accuracy and strategy. The more daring player can opt for placing his tee shot well to the left to the adjacent fairway, which makes it challenging since there are a number of obstructions to avoid. The safer route is to go along the fairway and to loft over the igloo bunker and the Kumbuk tree. This route also has a water barrier to avoid on the right side before the green. Controlled and immaculate playing can prevent inaccessible situations.

The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 2
The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 3
03 - 285 Yards | Par 4

This hole starts with an elevated tee. Straight accurate playing is tested here. Trees on the right and the Mango tree before the green need to be avoided followed by a well struck iron to achieve par. Two bunkers located over the green will prevent excessive speed of the ball.

04 - 175 Yards | Par 3

This is a unique hole and will test the accuracy of the player. The tee is elevated and an accurate straight shot, avoiding trees on both sides of the narrow fairway would pitch the ball in to the green with a single shot. There are two sand bunkers over and right side of the green.

The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 4
The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 5
05 - 253 Yards | Par 4

The fairway slopes uphill and trees and rough areas on the right need to be negotiated. Tree lines on the left and the two bunkers on both sides before the green will restrain the second shot. The Green is a narrow long strip where excessive power will cause the ball to overrun. Take too much club and you may be hacking your ball out of the rough and to the obstacles on the left.

06 - 308 Yards | Par 4

The fairway slopes downhill and the green is elevated with water patches on the right and over. There are also two bunkers on both sides before the green. A player with extra energy can try for a birdie.

The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 6
The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 7
07 - 382 Yards | Par 5

The drive from this elevated tee is probably the most exhilarating drive on the course. The fairway is along the runway and missed shots can be sent to the Guinness World records for the longest shot records. This has an elevated green and reaching the green in the second shot is more challenging and requires a bit of luck, but it is not difficult. The shots need to be selected between narrow water patch on the left and the runway on the right.

08 - 390 Yards | Par 4

This Par 4 hole is played from an elevated tee to the fairway avoiding a water barrier. Players can bet their accuracy and power over this hole while going for straight shots over the lake, while others may take the safer route to the right of the fairway. The slightly elevated green is at the end of the course with a bunker on the left. The green will only be reached in regulation with two long and accurate strokes.

The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 8
The Eagles' Heritage Golf Course hole 9
09 - 175 Yards | Par 3

This hole will provide some relief from the exertions of the previous couple of holes. This is a fairly easy Par 3 with two bunkers on the left. After this hole, players can have a brief rest in the club house before the next round, if they intent to tee off in a different angel.