Royal Colombo Golf Club

This is the first golf club to be established in 1879 in Sri Lanka. King George V bestowed upon the royal charter. With direct ties to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrew’s in Scotland, it is one of the oldest golf clubs in the world. The golf club standing in the Colombo city either side of the Kalani valley rail track, has a well-equipped club house.  

It is a 18-hole, 6560 yard par 71 golf course. Here you can witness a rare site at a golf course, where a slow train crossing the golf course. If you are a golfer it is a must to experience this golf course with such a unique history.

Club Facilities
Recreational activities offered by VGCR
Pool view vgcr

The Victoria Golf & Country Resort offers you the idyllic getaway that you’ve been searching for all along. Apart from golf, the property lets you indulge in luxurious comforts while enjoying a slew of exciting experiences and things to do around Kandy. This includes an expansive pool where you can plunge in for a refreshing dip and swim with a carefree mind. With blue skies and magnificent mountains in the backdrop, splash around with your loved ones or practice a new stroke while the warm tropical sun caresses your bare skin with its rich, golden touch. The pool also features a Jacuzzi which you can settle in and revitalize your body and mind. The pool is attended between 07:00 am and 06:00 pm daily.

Tennis VGCR

Why not perfect your backhand even while on holiday with us here at Victoria Golf & Country Resort. Our flood-lit grass court offers the best conditions to enjoy the outdoor sport while also maintaining your fitness plan. When you learn and play on an immaculate space, success is just a swing away. Come play a competitive game of tennis as it is among the more enjoyable things to do near Kandy while the cool hill country breeze cools you down. Our guests have complimentary use of sporting equipment which can be collected at the front desk.

Table tennis Vgcr

Looking for a way to keep up with your fitness routine at our golf hotel in Sri Lanka while staying indoors? Then Table Tennis is your best bet. The tennis table is located right next to the swimming pool and you can partake in an exhilarating game with your friends and family.You can collect the rackets and ping pong balls from the front desk. So, go ahead, enjoy the game, and add more colour to your vacation.

Horse Riding VGCR

In search of an activity which can be enjoyed by the whole family? Then perhaps a riding lesson for beginners or a long trek for seasoned riders aback our gentle and well-bred horses will prove to be an ideal activity!

Our stables are made up of the finest selection of thoroughbred horses ideal for both apprehensive beginners and experienced riders, thus promising to make horse riding in Sri Lanka a truly unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

The Saddle Club offers both lessons to children and adults along with one -hour long treks which will enable you to take in a good look at the beauty of our sprawling resort while enjoying some fresh mountain air in style.

croquet VGCR

At Victoria Golf & Country Resort guests could also indulge in a sensational game of Croquet at our well-maintained lawns. The game area is located amidst captivating views of our magnificent Digana golf course and exquisite surroundings. Equipment for the game is free all year long and can be obtained by reaching out to the front desk.

Come try your hand at an enjoyable leisurely activity which requires tactics, techniques and possibly some luck. Round off a game with a refreshing drink or a relaxing dip in our pool.

Cycling VGCR

Bring in a sense of adventure to your vacation by paddling your way through pristine and lush environs. Breathe in the freshest air and feel the soothing sensation of the cool breeze caressing your face. Travel along the glorious terrains taking in the exuberant views and let nature subtly pull your heartstrings.

The experience of cycling in Kandy wouldn’t be complete without a cycling tour at Victoria Golf & Country Resort and it will certainly be a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime. It is also one of the perfect ways to fully explore the scenic exquisiteness of our paradise retreat. Early morning and evening hours before sundown are considered as the golden hours for Mountain biking. Also, take advantage of the cycling guide map offered by the resort to better understand the terrain and to know scenic routes.

fishing VGCR

Nestled in the heart of a scenic peninsula,our property is surrounded by surreal waters of the great Victoria Reservoir which teems with groups of large freshwater fish.The abundant supply of fish makes the region an ideal destination for fishing.Even if you are not a fishing enthusiast, the experience is certainly worth adding to your bucket list activities in Kandy.

We provide our guests with all the necessary fishing gear. So, go ahead and treat yourself to this fabulous leisure activity!

badminton vgcr

Keep your fitness routine in check by taking part in an exhilarating game of Badminton at our resort. Being one of the most sought-after activities in Kandy, Sri Lanka, the game is a great way to revitalize your mind and body and an ideal sport to enjoy with both friends and family.

Our badminton court is located amidst a quiet and quaint surrounding and it ensures that you have zero distractions during your game. Grab your rackets and other gear by reaching out to our front desk and enjoy a fun-filled vacation experience.

yoga VGCR

Revive your mind and body with a therapeutic session of yoga in Digana. Embrace an ancient wellness practice that soothes your soul and allows you to discover inner peace. Take part in the special yoga sessions conducted at our property premises and complete your vacation with this truly remarkable wellness experience.

01 - 421 Yards | Par 4​

Named, “Mara One”, this hole is one of the toughest holes on the course it crosses the 18th fairway on the way down to a wide pond that can challenge many to a green that is unique for the magnificent rain tree (mara) on the left of it.

02 - 380 Yards | Par 4
Called  “Rail Side”, here in teeing up one is confronted by out of bounds on either side on the right it’s the railway line and the left is the army quarters, with a well placed fairway bunker and a pond before the green.
03 - 430 Yards | Par 4
Called “Willows Way”, your tee shot is vital to avoid the willow trees on the left that afford some protection from the OB (monkey throws the ball out) and the 2 fairway bunkers trap a sliced drive the long slim green is guarded by a tree on the right.
04 - 191 Yards | Par 3

Nicknamed, “Little Devil”, similar to the name getting your distance right is key to hitting this par 3 and guarded by bunkers lined by trees it challenges even the more accomplished golfers as its stroke index reflects

05 - 399 Yards | Par 4

Named, “Amen Corner”, the stroke index one, a fallen tree thrives and takes up the left side of this dogs leg where the landing area of most drives rest, again willows with the monkeys try to keep the left side protected from balls going OB and the water across the front and laterally along the right of the fairway makes this a true test of driving accuracy only the brave attack the fairway to go over all the trouble and have an open green guarded by bunkers one may be forgiven for wanting to go to the cemetery over the back of the green.

06 - 280 Yards | Par 4

Since you will have to cross the rail track, its also known as “Rail Crossing”, and this par 4 is reachable to some with their drive but the railway line crossing could easily divert the path of the ball. A pond forces many ladies to lay up. A free drop is permitted if your ball comes to rest on the rail lines and then one has a precise shot to make on to a small landing area, going over means a hard bunker shot or even OB behind that.

07 - 468 Yards | Par 5

Named “Farmers Drive” is a deceptive par 5 that is reachable in 2 for the longer players, with a pond on the right that could catch a wayward drive and also a pond across makes one think more than once about going for the green.

08 - 404 Yards | Par 4
“Guvnor’s Approach” is where you drive across the 7th green towards our lovely club house having to contend with a pond that traps many mistimed drives, the green is quite undulating and your putting skills will need to be on show for those watching from the club house.
09 - 170 Yards | Par 3
“Pit Stop”, the shorty on the course after a snack ensure you hit the green or the bunkers will gobble you up
10 - 332 Yards | Par 4
 “The Road”, is where road crossing hole blind green that some have been known to drive but anything right can go OB to the green keepers area. You are better off playing a full shot in to get the brakes on this green that notoriously will not hold and may carry your ball into the water beyond.
11 - 369 Yards | Par 4
 “Maternity” is challenging. This dog leg left requires a drive hit to the right side of the fairway after carrying the marshy water, or you will be stymied by the tree on the left of the fairway judging distance into this green is important. 
12 - 318 Yards | Par 4
 “Island Green” is a short par 4 whose green is protected by water all around it a short drive through a narrow funnel like opening to a wide fairway leaves one with a target like shot into the green.
13 - 191 Yards | Par 3
Know as “Signature”, this is the marsh land hole where your tee must carry preferably on to the green or the green is surrounded with bunkers and hillocks to challenge the best of chippers.
14 - 480 Yards | Par 5
The name “Eagles Dare” will itself give a golfer an idea of this hole. A seemingly narrow hole with the protective netting to avoid visitation to homes on its left border has a wide landing area but the dog leg left green protected by water favours the brave low handicap to go for green with the second shot. The rolling fairway hardly ever gives one a flat lie. Overshooting the green ensures a watery grave.
15 - 527 Yards | Par 5
“Long Haul”, is where again described by the name itself. This is our Longfellow water along the left with a forested canopy to penalise anyone hooking the ball left and the line of tree narrows to trap the second shot of most golfers, but from a 120 yards in it is open and rewards long accuracy.
16 - 165 Yards | Par 3

Names as “Sand Trap” This elevated tee to the heavily bunkered green provides enough deception on the length as the green is long and narrow.

17 - 433 Yards | Par 4
 “Hard Yards”, is a classical long par 4 tall trees gives one respite from the OB on the left but drive hit to the right could easily end up in the fairway bunker leaving one with a long second shot that may have to clear the trees on the right or to watch out for the water on the left.
18 - 345 Yards | Par 4
 “Criss Cross” is how its names since this hole is criss crossing the 1st hole can tempt a long driver to hit the green but the trouble for missing can leave you wishing you placed your drive on the middle of the fairway before the fairway bunker to hit a mid iron in to the elevated green. The tees is surrounded by mangroves and water.