Pigeon Island Marine Park

Pigeon Island Natural Park is one of the two marine parks of Sri Lanka. This Sanctuary extends up to 471.4 hectares in total. 9 hectares, cover the landmass and the rest encompass the coral beds, creating a border line of the Marine National Park.

They are actually two small islands located 1 kilometer off the coast of Nilaveli, in the Trincomalee District, northeast of Sri Lanka.

Pigeon Island Park Boundary
Pigeon Island Park Boundary

Fantastic place for snorkelling. To watch the spectacular marine life, with over 100 species of colourful corals teeming with 300 types of reef fish. Pigeon Island National Park, has one of the best remaining coral reefs, with high live coral cover.

Is an ideal location for scuba diving and snorkelling.

The excursion starts on the Nilaveli Beach on a boat to the Islands and back.

It was designated as a Marine Sanctuary in 1963 and was selected as a National Park in 2003. On entering the Island visitors can see hundreds of Blue Rock Pigeons, an endangered species nesting and breeding amongst the rocks.