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Why Sri Lanka?

It is a small, cheap and easy to get to know this country.

Its beaches are immense and heavenly.

It is an island of tropical forests, nature reserves and coral reefs where a wide variety of wild animals and exotic plants live. 

Furthermore, wildlife is one of the most varied in the world. 

On the other hand, monkeys, elephants, water buffaloes, porcupines, anteaters, black bears, leopards, deer and many other animals live in national parks. 

In the sea around the island you can see whales, dolphins, swordfish, giant manta rays and turtles … among others.

Its mild climate allows you to visit it at any time of the year.

The Sinhalese never get tired of giving real smiles.
It is an absolutely safe and very hospitable country where you will always feel welcome.

This island stands out for its health and cleanliness well above other countries in Asia such as India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, etc …

In Sri Lanka you can enjoy Ayurvedic massages and healing treatments.

This practice is over 4000 years old. His methods have reached our days from generation to generation.

It has a great variety and richness of artistic and archaeological heritage.

The population of Sri Lanka is composed of different races and religions.

In addition to spices, Ceylon tea is of recognised quality all over the world.

Some of their festivals are considered the most important in all of Asia.

Its cuisine is made up of a multitude of fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood seasoned with the most wonderful spices.

And because Sri Lanka is undoubtedly an Eden yet to be discovere

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How is Sri Lanka? Discover it

Sri Lanka, the pearl of India, the tear of India, the island of aromas, tea, spices … the country of 1000 names.

Like Sri Lanka in general: Sri Lanka is an island of rainforests, nature reserves and coral reefs where an extraordinary variety of wild animals and exotic plants proliferate.

To protect this wonderful territory, the various Sri Lankan governments have created nature reserves and national parks.

Where you can easily see elephants, deer, wild boar, many types of monkeys, jackals, leopards, bears, buffaloes, crocodiles, a variety of birds and butterflies. In addition to a flora of extraordinary beauty.

On this small island, 400 kilometers from north to south and 200 from west to east, you can count up to 15, among nature reserves and national parks.

How ethnologically Sri Lanka is:

Currently, around 21.5 million people live in Sri Lanka.

The most important ethnic groups are the Sinhalese who represent 74.9%; Tamils who are 11.2% and also the descendants of Arab merchants, who represent 9.2% of the population.

Other less important ethnic groups are the Malays, the Indian Tamils and the Burghers, the latter descendants of the former European colonisers.

Religion plays a very important role in the life of the people of Sri Lanka. 70% of the population is Buddhist, 15% practice Hinduism, 8% Islam and 6% Christianity.

Buddhism entered the island in 247 BC leaving a profound mark on the life, history and artistic heritage of the people of Sri Lanka.

The history of Sri Lanka dates back to unforgettable times when the Veddha lived.

The Sinhalese culture was born with the arrival of Indoari from India in the 5th century BC From then on different kingdoms emerged in different eras and places, highlighting the importance of Anuradhapura, a capital founded in the 4th century BC

Being situated on the maritime routes that crossed the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka was already known to the ancient navigators.

Greeks and Romans called it Taprobane and for the Arab merchants it was the island of Serendib.

From the 16th century onwards, it was colonised by Portuguese, Dutch and British, finally declaring its independence in 1948.

Sri Lanka, after more than two decades of civil war between the North Tamil tigers and the national government, lives a period of flowering that is reflected in the economic, cultural and social development of the country.

Some curious facts about Sri Lanka

-In Sri Lanka, moving the head from right to left does not mean denial, but on the contrary, it means yes.

-Sri Lanka was the first country in the world to establish a nature reserve.

-In the year 288 BC The oldest tree planted by man was planted in Sri Lanka. This tree is still  alive and is found in the ancient city of Anuradhapura.

-In 1960, Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first woman to hold the role of prime minister(from Sri Lanka), in the world.

-It is the non-western country that has had the longest period of multi-party democracy with a  universal vote (since 1931).

-Sri Lanka was the first country in Southeast Asia to have a radio (Radio Ceylan was inaugurated  on December 16, 1925).

-It is one of the largest exporters of tea, Ceylon tea being recognised for its high quality.

-It is one of the major exporters of cinnamon, which had already been exported to Egypt in the 1400 b.C.

-According to legend, Adam’s Peak, a conical mountain in Sri Lanka, is the first place on Earth on  which Adam set foot when he was expelled from the Garden of Eden.

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