beaches of sri lanka

The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is nothing short of a natural beauty.

For those of you who don’t know, Sri Lanka is a group of islands.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say island? Beaches, of course.

This is exactly what Sri Lanka is famous for.

People from all over the world come to the country to explore Sri Lanka’s best beaches.

sri lanka beaches

Part of what makes this Central Asian destination so popular with tourists is the infinite number of world-class beaches located along the entire coast.

The beaches of Sri Lanka are among the best in the world and the most beautiful

If you are looking for pristine water, white sand, tall palm trees and wonderful sunsets.

We must first consider the monsoon seasons, which divide Sri Lanka in almost two.

As mentioned in the article BEST TIME TO TRAVEL IN SRI LANKA of our TRAVEL GUIDE, the question is when. 

Monsoons come from the south-west in the months of May, June, July, August, September and October giving the opportunity to visit areas such as those of Trincomalee, Passikudah, Arugam Bay and others in the north-east coast without fear of heavy rains.

sri lanka monsoon

Likewise, the north-eastern monsoon that we have in the months of November, December, January, February, March and April offers all the southern beaches such as Unawatuna, Mirissa, Hikkaduwa, Bentota, Tangalle and others.

If you are looking for pristine water, white sand, tall palm trees and wonderful sunsets, quality surf, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for 



Unawatuna beach sri lanka

Lively with visitors all year round, Unawatuna’s beaches are truly unforgettable.

A moon shaped yellow sand curve of the turquoise coast,

Unawatuna Beach is a perfect destination, famous for the calm blue waters.

Best time to visit: late August and early September when the rain starts to set by mid-October.

Small shops and excellent restaurants are located in the small town behind the beach, where you will also find evening activities in the music pubs.

Water sports such as surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving are also available.


Located north of Galle and Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa is a large sandy beach with enough chairs to accommodate the masses of visitors expected during the high season.

Fortunately, many of these chairs often remain free (unless a surf competition is underway) as most tourists pass over the main highway bound for Unawatuna, Mirissa and other southern beaches.

With snorkelling, surfing, swimming and a variety of Sri Lankan food, and cultural monuments that dot its landscape,

Hikkaduwa beach

the seaside town of Hikkaduwa has a lot to offer.
Two hours by car from the capital of Colombo, Hikkaduwa is the perfect place to relax and have fun.

Hikkaduwa beach is characterised by some of the most luxurious hotels and nightlife.

Sri Lankan beaches

With medium-sized waves and fewer underwater dangers to avoid, Hikkaduwa is a popular spot for beginners taking surf lessons from one of the many schools on the beach.

The small turtle hatchery is a good place to learn about the plight of sea turtles and see adorable tortoise cubs touching their fins for the first time.

Hikkaduwa promises a lot of unspoiled natural beauty and relaxation for both body and soul.

Take advantage of the numerous Aryuvedic wellness centers, for a wonderful massage.


whales in mirissa

Quieter than Unawatuna and slightly cheaper, Mirissa is further south than Unawatuna and Weligama.

Mirissa is a popular place for whale watching excursions during the migratory period between December and March.

The small beach exploded in popularity as an alternative to Unawatuna.

Mirissa has always been popular with surfers and budget travelers.

“Surfer’s Corner” on the right end of the bay offers some fun waves and entertainment for spectators, but it should only be attempted by experienced surfers because of the rocks.

The rest of the beach, however, is a fair game for surf and boogie beginners.

The beach bars take turns hosting night parties and small fireworks.

The small village that makes up Mirissa is located along a long strip of brown sand dotted with guest houses and restaurants on the beach.

Its charm and proximity to Unawatuna have sparked a wave of growth and development in recent years.

Just off the beach there is Parrot Rock with a small staircase leading to the top, offering beautiful ocean views

and on the coast, go up the stairs to get a nice view of the beach from a different perspective.


Dickwella beach

On the south coast, the area around Dickwella it is gradually becoming more popular with travellers seeking to escape the growing westward development.

A number of relatively unspoiled beaches dot the coast here, particularly the stunning horseshoe-shaped bay of Hiriketiya.

Here is supported by a small selection of excellent facilities to stay.

You can expect lush sandy beaches at Dickwella Beach.
The presence of cliffs, sandbanks and headlands makes the waters here calm and perfect for swimming.

Those who opt for snorkelling will have the opportunity to see a variety of fish.
The cozy city of Dickwella is also home to Sri Lanka’s largest Buddha statue and a famous seaside market.


Just north of Trincomalee (called Trinco by locals) in eastern Sri Lanka, Nilaveli beach is still largely unspoiled and peaceful.Perhaps the most similar of those of Sri Lanka to those of the Maldives islands.

ilaveli beachn

It has a fine white sand and a crystalline and turquoise sea that extends for hundreds of meters with the water reaching the height of life.

There is also the possibility of excursions to the Pigeon Island National Park, only 1 km away from Nilaveli, the best place to observe marine life.

You can also visit Fort Fredrick built by the Portuguese in 1624 and then rebuilt by the Dutch in 1665, a visit to the medieval Hindu temple Koneswaram,
the seven square wells of hot spring “Kanniya Hot Springs” and many other sites of naturalistic and historical importance.

The best time to visit is from May to September, with an average temperature of 29 ° Celsius
and the rains reduced to a minimum.


passikudah beach

The bay of Passikudah is hidden in a pocket of the largest beach in Kalkudah and this gem of Sri Lanka on the east coast should not be missing.

The waters are sweeter and shallow than other coastal hotspots thanks to the protection of the coral reef.

Passikudah makes it the ideal place for a relaxing dip or uninterrupted sunbathing.

If you are a keen surfer, Kalkudah Beach has big waves in September, which is no coincidence that when the tourist season reaches its peak.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay sunset

A favourite destination on Sri Lanka’s southeastern coast, Arugam Bay is considered the best surf spot in the country !!

In addition to the epic waves, Arugam Bay is a breezy seaside community that welcomes locals to enjoy its relaxing offerings.

World travellers are drawn here all year round, but in the high season this beach is full of surfers who have come to Arugam bay for its epic waves.

surfing in Arugam bay in sri lanka

But if surfing isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere suitable for travellers and the excellent fish restaurants.

The local community has resisted strongly and successfully to the development of the main hotels.

A lot of casual accommodation are available in bizarre guesthouses in the villages and relaxed beach bungalows and cabanas.

Tours of the nearby Pottuvil Lagoon are easily organised, as well as motor boat trips to the sea in search of dolphins.

The blue waters of Arugam bay offer ample fishing and underwater photography opportunities.

Visit the Hulannuga Caves which are located at the top of the hill, this is the home of the reclining Buddha statue.

Plan a trip to Yala East National Park, which is truly the twin of Yala Ruhuna National Park, famous for elephants and leopards.


One of the most beautiful stretches of sand on the west coast.

This beach runs south from the magnificent Bentota lagoon and is lined with a number of charming hotels.

The southern end of the beach hosts some of the best luxury accommodation along this coast, with a series of elegant boutique hotels nestled among palm trees.

bentota beach sri lanka

Bentota is also the centre of Sri Lanka’s water sports.

It offers a range of activities available including deep sea fishing, snorkelling and whale watching.

You can also visit turtle nurseries where eggs are collected from the beach for conservation, with short guided tours of the hatchery.

The beach runs all the way to Bentota Lagoon and is one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful stretches. 

Around this beach, you’ll find many local centres for pampering with an Aryuwedic treatment.

Behind the beach, the calm waters of the lagoon are perfect for kayaking and water skiing.

Take a boat trip on the river to explore mangroves and tangled waterways are easy to organize.

Lying halfway between the main destinations such as Colombo and Galle, less populated by bars and hotels adjacent to the other beaches of the seaside cities,

Bentota Beach is quiet and thanks to its size, you can have a generous space all to yourself.


Described by many visitors as one of Sri Lanka’s most perfect beaches, Tangalle (or Tangalla for some) is another destination to add to your itinerary on the southern coast.

The water is turquoise, the sand is white and the palm trees sway in the breeze.

Tangalle beach

Tangalle Beach is perfect and finding ways to occupy your time here is easy.

Swim, play beach games, sunbathe, fish, walk along the coast or visit the coral reefs offshore, a perfect place for diving.

The beach offers some of the most beautiful sunsets.

There are many hotels and restaurants nearby, where we recommend having dinner to try typical local dishes.


Kalpitiya, located in the northwestern province of Sri Lanka, is a collection of 14 islands and is famous for its waterfront beauty.

Kalpitiya beach

This place is often considered to be the future of Sri Lanka tourism.

The group of islands together with the water lagoon has vast areas of development in the future.

Kalpitiya beach, located in the far north, is a place for many water sports and dolphin and whale watching.

The beach is a long stretch of sand, which can be easily accessed from the Kalpitiya lagoon on a boat.

This beautiful stretch of sand attracts many tourists and the beach is truly endowed with scenic beauty.

Is surrounded by a dense fishing community and untouched by the tourism industry.

Kalpitiya beach is one of the hidden gems in Sri Lanka.

The Kalpitiya region is basically a marine sanctuary with habitats of various marine creatures.

The water near Kalpitiya beach is home to Spinner dolphins and a rare species of sperm whale, which is the main attraction of the beach.

The warm sands and tropical climate make Kalpitiya beach a perfect place for sunbathing.

In addition to these there are various other activities you can participate in.

From snorkelling in the deep waters of the ocean and explore marine life to boat trips and canoe trips to explore the hidden wonders around the beach.

You can also enjoy a jeep trip along the sandy dunes of the beach with spectacular sunset views.

Easily access the reef reef, a beautiful coral garden in the middle of the ocean, which offers maximum biodiversity compared to other coral reefs in Sri Lanka.

Wilpattu National Park is only 60 km from the beach, this National Park is home to many varieties of animals.

Sri Lanka is indeed the perfect place for children and for people who like animals and nature.

This country is incredibly green.

It is impossible not to find elephant herds on safari or even on the same road traveling.
It is also very easy to see leopards, macaques and other types of monkeys, giant squirrels, jackals, etc. etc

Furthermore, walking with children and adults through the Peradeniya Botanical Garden is a delight. Along with the giant trees and millions of plants, we will also find monkeys and other animals in this immense place.

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Meanwhile, those who love exotic beaches, full of palm trees and coconut trees, offer beaches in the west of the country such as Bentota, Ambalangoda, Chilaw and Negambo.

You can also swim in the Indian Ocean in the east of the country on the beaches of Trincomalee, Pasikudah, Nilaveli …

If you like surfing you can practice at Arugam Bay, Weligama or Mirissa. 

And of course, we have the beaches of southern Sri Lanka such as Tangalle, Unawatuna, Galle, Ahangama, etc. etc

If you like cities, we have Kandy, Jaffna, Galle Fort and Colombo where you can walk and shop among the wonderful shops and restaurants.
In a nutshell, we have a country with a wide variety of climates, places, cultures, religions, etc. 
Where we will always find Sinhalese smiling and waiting for us with open arms.

Coming to Sri Lanka and not being surprised is absolutely impossible.