Sri Lanka in 20 days - Unique Adventure

This route is designed for intrepid travellers
1990 USD
  • All visits and safaris on the tour are included
  • 4-person group reference rate: 1990 USD per person
  • 2-person group reference rate: 2200 USD per person

Sri Lanka in 20 day - Unique Adventure

If you want to venture deep into the jungles of Sri Lanka, read this exciting 20-day circuit carefully

This route is designed for intrepid travellers who do not want to meet another tourist during the entire trip.
The vast majority of visits on this 20-day itinerary are unknown to many in Sri Lanka.
At least for western tourists.

day 1. Airport - Negambo

(Approximate transfer duration: 20 min)


Welcoming at the airport by our representative and transfer to the accommodation in Negambo, location located near the airport.


Rest of the day free or rest at the hotel.
If you want, in this coastal city you can walk along the beach where you will find several kiosks, bars, shops …
or go and observe how they fish in the traditional way in the sea of this part of the country.
It is also very interesting to see the local fish market.


Accommodation in the Hotel 3r RESORT in Negambo

day 2. Negambo - Kurunegala - Typical rural local village - Maho

(Negambo - Kurunegala - Maho: Approximate transfer duration: 2 hours and a half)


But first we will have a little stop in Kurunegala, the intermediate town between the airport and the next hotel to walk around the city lake and eat something.

Rural village

Then we will visit a village in the area, where we will see how the day develops.
But before and during the trip we will stop at a temple just to contemplate the view.
The beauty of this place is the mountains view and the village.
Later, we will visit the market, the school, the hospital, the post office, etc.


Accommodation in the Hotel YAPAHUWA PARADISE in Maho

day 3. Maho - Wilpattu - Boat Tour on the Uppu Aru river - Eluwankulama

(Maho - Willpattu: Approximate transfer duration: 2 hours and a half)

Boat cruise on the Uppu Aru river

Transfer to the hotel near Wilpattu Park.
From the hotel we will set sail for a pleasant boat ride on the Uppu Aru river where you can see, above all, birds.
Wilpattu is famous for its large number and variety.

Sri Lanka has recorded more than 500 bird species, of which 34 are endemic.

Accommodation in the Hotel BACK WATERS LODGE in Eluwankulama

day 4. Eluwankulama - Safari in the Wilpattu National Park - Eluwankulama

(Eluwankulama - Wilpattu National Park entrance : 1 hour and a half)

Wilpattu National Park

The first activity of the day will be, a Safari in Wilpattu National Park, where you will observe, in addition to leopards, elephants, wild buffaloes, bears, deer, different types of herons, ducks and endemic birds such as the jungle rooster.


Accommodation in the Hotel BACK WATERS LODGE in Eluwankulama

day 5. Eluwankulama - Pidurangala - Sigiriya

(Eluwankulama - Pidurangala : 3 hours and a half)

Pidurangala Rock

Early in the morning ascent to the Pidurangala Rock.
From the top you can see the Sigiriya Rock and stunning 360 degree panoramic views.


Accommodation in the Hotel KASSAPA LIONS ROCK RESORT in Sigiriya

day 6. Sigiriya - Sigiriya Rock - Safari Minneriya - Optional: Rural village - Sigiriya

(Approximate transfer duration Sigiriya - Minneriya: 30 min)

Sigiriya Rock

We will claim to Sigiriya fortress

This huge magma rock hides the ruins of noble buildings and a breathtaking view on the top

We will pass through the Lions Gate and admire the state of conservation of the frescoes on the walls of the cave


Safari in Minneriya National Park

In the afternoon mounted on a four wheel drive, we will participate to this amusing Safari,

famous for the large herds of elephants that inhabit it.

Sometimes you can admire up to 300 elephant specimens


Optional: Rural village

Also, if you want, participate in a fun activity especially for the little ones, we propose the  the rural village.
To reach this enclave we will take a fun tuk-tuk and we will cross a lake in a canoe.
We will return on a cart pulled by oxen as it was done until recently. Also, in this small town we will learn how they cook by participating in a small tasting of Sri Lankan food.


Accommodation in the Hotel KASSAPA LIONS ROCK RESORT in Sigiriya

day 7. Sigiriya - Dambulla Golden Temple - Hindú Matale Temple - Kandy: Unawatakale Reserve

(Sigiriya - Kandy: 2 hours and a half)

Dambulla Golden Temple

In the morning we will visit the Golden Temple of Dambulla

This complex of caves converted into a temple where inside we will encounter a rich decoration of statues and frescoes on the life of Buddha, of ancient Sinhalese kings and of Hindu Sinhalese deities still revered today with flowers, incense and oil lamps …


Hindú Temple

Later we will see, only from the outside, the Hindu temple Sri Muthumariamman in Matale (1852).
Hindu temples are so different from Buddhist temples!
The latter are immaculate white.
On the other hand, Hindus are of thousands of colors, which is more amazing!
Thousands of figures decorate these temples called “kovil”.

Unawatakale National Reserve

Transfer to Kandy, the capital of the mountains.
Kandy was the last capital of the Sri Lanka kings and is the second most important city, after Colombo.

Then we will visit Unawatakale Reserve.
This visit is a 1 hour walk where we will admire towering trees and tropical vegetation that amazes everyone: locals and tourists.
The origin of this forest was for the delight of the royal court and to supply fuel (wood) to the kitchens of the palace.


Accommodation in the SUISSE HOTEL in Kandy

day 8. Kandy - Lankatileka Temple - Peradeniya Royal Gardens - Kandy

(Kandy - Lankatilekka: 45 min; Lankatilekka - Peradeniya: 30 min; Peradeniya - Kandy: 20 min)

Lankatileka Temple

This is a temple we call “alternative”, as it is of a slightly more oriental architecture.
To get to this curious temple, you have to pass beautiful rice fields, small villages and various plantations.
The road alone is worth it.


Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

In the afternoon we will walk through the the Royal Gardens.

The Botanical Garden of Peradeniya (14th century) is considered one of the best visits to mythical Ceylon.
It is a huge park that runs along the Mahawelli River where we will admire the beauty of ancient trees, palm trees with strange shapes, Ayurvedic plants and the famous orchids collection.


Accommodation in the SUISSE HOTEL in Kandy

day 9. Kandy - Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage - free in the city of Kandy

(Kandy - Pinnawela: 1 hour and 15 min)

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

We will arrive early at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.
This centre was created to house injured or orphaned puppies found in the jungle.

It is the largest captive elephant reserve in the world.
Kids and adults alike will enjoy seeing dozens of elephants walk the city streets and bathe in the river!



For the rest of the day, we will discover the city of Kandy with its bustling centre and its market.


Accommodation in the SUISSE HOTEL in Kandy

day 10. Kandy: Tea fields excursion - free afternoon

(Kandy - Hanthana: 30 min)

Excursion to the tea fields

Today you can hike through the tea fields in Hanthana.
We will walk to admire the plantations and the splendid panorama.
It is a very under-exploited tourist area that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Rest of the day at leisure to relax in the hotel swimming pool or stroll around the city.

Accommodation in the SUISSE HOTEL in Kandy

day 11. Kandy - Ramboda waterfall - Tea factory - Train from Nuwara Eliya to Bandarawela

(Kandy - Nuwara Eliya: 2 hours and a half + train)

Ramboda waterfalls

On the way to Nuwara Eliya mountain station (2,000m) we will observe extensive tea plantations and stop for a moment to see Ramboda waterfalls.

Tea factory

Later we will stop at a tea factory.
If you want to know how the famous Ceylon tea is processed, be sure to visit this factory where they will explain how the delicate tea leaves are processed.

Nuwara Eliya

Then we’ll take a tour around Lake Gregory and the city to see British-influenced buildings.


Train from the station of Nanu Oya to Bandarawela

Travel by train from Nuwara Eliya Nanu Oya Station to Bandarawela.
It is more than 3 hours of a winding walk in the mountains of the tea plantations.
The Sri Lankan railway network started operating in 1864 and the old trains from that time are still preserved and run perfectly.


The train is subject to availability

Accommodation in the Hotel VILLA PERPETUA in Bandarawella

day 12. Bandarawela - Horton Plains National Park - Bandarawela

(Bandarawela a Horton plain 1 hour and a half)

Horton Plains National Park

Departure from the Hotel 5:00 in the morning

Packed lunch near the precipice of the end of the world.

Much of the morning will be devoted to Horton Plains National Park. This natural park is a vast plain covered with grasslands.
Your visit consists of a walk along a path of approximately 9 km (approximately 4 hours of walking), where you can admire the famous precipice of “the end of the world”, the noisy Baker Falls and the huge Sambar deer.


Accommodation in the Hotel VILLA PERPETUA in Bandarawella

day 13. Bandarawela - Buduruwagala - Tissa Lake - Hotel Tissa

(Bandarawela - Buduruwagala: 1 hour; Buduruwagala - Tissa: 1 hour and 15 min)


Visiteremo Buduruwagala, un antico tempio buddista del X secolo, dove troveremo 7 statue di Buddha e aspirante Buddha scolpite dalla roccia.




Trasferimento a Tissamaharama. Una volta effettuato il check-in, è molto interessante passeggiare intorno al Lago Tissa dove i pescatori locali vanno spesso con le loro canoe.

Accommodation in the MAGAMPURA ECO VILLAGE SAFARI in Tissamaharama

day 14. Safari full day in the Yala National Park

(Tissa - Yala: 40 min)

Safari: Yala National Park

Yala National Park has the highest concentration of leopards in the world, as they have no predators.
In addition, you will be able to observe many elephants, crocodiles, buffaloes, black bears and many other animals.


Accommodation in the MAGAMPURA ECO VILLAGE SAFARI in Tissamaharama

day 15. Tissa - Turtle nursery - Mirissa beach

(Tissa - Galle: 2 hours)

Turtle nursery

Transfer to Mirissa, where the whale watching boats leave.

On the way we will visit a turtle nursery.
Once again the children will have fun and learn about the varied fauna that this country has, but this time, with the friendly turtles.
In Ceylon we have 4 species of sea turtles: Green, Loggerhead, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley.

Accommodation in the MANDARA RESORT in Mirissa

day 16. Mirissa: free, enjoy the beach! - Optional: whales watching

(transfer less than 20 min)

Mirissa beach

Free day to enjoy a walk along the beach.


Optional: Whales watching

This day we may leave very early in the morning to see blue whales, sperm whales, and fin whales migrating through southern Sri Lanka.
It is also possible to observe various species of dolphins.
These cetaceans migrate from the beginning of November to the end of April each year.


Accommodation in the MANDARA RESORT in Mirissa

day 17. Mirissa: free

(No displacements)

Mirissa beach

Free day to enjoy the beach.


Accommodation in the MANDARA RESORT in Mirissa

day 18. Mirissa: free

(No displacements)

Mirissa beach

Free day to enjoy the beach.


Accommodation in the MANDARA RESORT in Mirissa

day 19. Mirissa: free

(No displacement)

Mirissa beach

Free day to enjoy the beach.


Accommodation in the MANDARA RESORT in Mirissa

day 20. Mirissa - Galle Fort - Airport

(Mirissa - Galle: 1 hour; Galle Fort - Aeroporto: 2 hours)

Galle Fort

Galle is the third most important city after Colombo and Kandy.

It was a Portuguese city in the 16th century and a Dutch city in the 18th century, the British also lived in the 19th and 20th centuries.

All these colonisers left an imprint, which is why it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Airport transfer

Transfer to Bandaranaike International Airport at the appointed time, where we will arrive 3 hours before our departure flight

  • Bed and Breakfast in the selected Hotels
  • Private transport with guide/driver english speaking
  • Welcoming at the Airport on arrival and escorting service in all Tour till departure
  • All the tickets to entry monuments, temples and safari of the itinerary
  • Customer support 24/7  for all the Tour duration
  • Soft drinks and water, lunches and dinners
  • Visits or activities  not covered in the Tour
  • The International flight
  • Travel insurance and PCR
  • Visa entry fees for Sri Lanka ETA

to obtain it follow the link and the steps described in our article in Travel Guide   >   Visa and Passport

Payment methods and cancellation policy

Payment methods:

  • Payment is 10% or 20% depending on the season (low or high), by bank transfer.
  • The remaining 90% or 80% is always paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival in Sri Lanka or by bank transfer.

Cancellation policy: 

  • Up to 30 days before the start of the trip, 100% of the deposit is refunded if a trip cancellation occurs,
    withholding the amount of $100 per person for agency fees.

  • Between 29 days and 15 days before the start of the trip there is a penalty of 50% of the deposit amount.

  • In case of cancellations in the 14 days preceding the trip, no deposit will be refunded.

Note on cancellations:

  • All cancellations have an additional administrative cost of 100 USD per person.
  • In case of cancellation due to COVID-19, cancellations will not suffer any penalty.

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