National Parks of Sri Lanka

Nationals Parks

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in Asia to observe wildlife.

Ceylon is also one of the best naturalistic destinations in the world for the variety of birds, marine life and fascinating landscapes.

All this enclosed in a compact area with an excellent tourist infrastructure.

The National Parks in Sri Lanka are numerous and above all, they are really very populated.

The island has 13 National Parks and a hundred protected areas that each one has an extremely rich fauna and flora offering fun in contact with nature,

safaris and adventures. 8% of the territory is protected: 9 national parks (Bundala, Gal Oya, Horton Plains, Kaudulla, Minneriya, Uda Walawe, Wilpattu, Yala and Yala East).

We also meet some nature reserves where human activities are allowed.

Among the parks of Sri Lanka we point out the Bundala National Park and the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, ideal for admiring migratory birds.

Among the parks of Sri Lanka we mention the Kaudulla National Park and the Uda Walawe National Park, where you can get in touch with elephants, leopards and brown bears.

Without forgetting the famous Yala park.

Do not miss the Knuckles Range, where you can admire caves, waterfalls and a magnificent forest.

With 435 species (26 endemic and 198 migratory) Sri Lanka is at the top of avian biodiversity, among which the kingfisher, the ibis, the blue magpie, spur rooster, Indian blackbird, flamingos stand out.

The best time of the year is February and March in which there are results in the sighting of birds.

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