All Sri Lanka in 19 days

1650 USD
  • All visits and safaris on the tour are included
  • 4-person group reference rate: 1650 USD per person
  • 2-person group reference rate: 1890 USD per person

All Sri Lanka in 19 days

This is a long and intense journey of 19 days to get to know the real Sri Lanka, as the Sinhalese know it

Culture and Nature above all

This circuit has a combination of Sri Lanka’s diverse cultures and natural spaces like no other.

There are few itineraries that go so far north of the island to savor the intense scents and colors of our little India: Jaffna.
Visit the Red Mosque of Colombo and also get to know the most important Buddhist places like Anuradhapura or Dambulla.

Obviously in 19 days you can contemplate a bit of everything: the most important monuments, incredible safaris, lush nature, easy walks, excursions, adventure, the beach, relaxation …
In short, a whole series of positive experiences that will make this destiny unforgettable.

Travel relaxed

The team of SRI LANKA EDEN TRAVELS, located in Kandy, will always be attentive to you in order to make this trip to Sri Lanka a unique and wonderful experience.

For our agency, traveling to Sri Lanka safely and comfortably is a priority.
That’s why we have prepared a 19-day itinerary with a combination of charming Standard and Superior category hotels.

So start dreaming of your well deserved vacation …

day 1. Airport - Kurunegala - Anuradhapura

(Approximate transfer duration: 3 hours and a half)


Welcoming at the airport by our representative and transfer to the accommodation in Anuradhapura.


But first we will have a little stop in Kurunegala, the intermediate town between the airport and the next hotel to walk around the city lake and eat something.

Accommodation in the Hotel SUBASETH VILLA in Anuradhapura

day 2. Anuradhapura city and archaeological sites - Mihintale - Anuradhapura

(Approximate transfer duration to Mihintale: 30 min)

Anuradhapura city and archeological site

We will start this exciting tour with a visit to one of the ancient capitals of the country: Anuradhapura (IV century BC – X AD).

In addition to ancient temples and stupas, we will see, how Sri Lankans visit and venerate this sacred sites, how they make their offerings to the oldest living human-planted tree in the world with a known planting date (Bo tree) and much more!



Then we will visit Mihintale, the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. According to ancient chronicles, Buddhism entered Sri Lanka through Mihintale in 237 BC. At the top of this mountain we will find a stupa with incredible views.


Accommodation in the Hotel SUBASETH VILLA in Anuradhapura

day 3. Anuradhapura - Jaffna - Nallur Temple

(Approximate transfer duration: 3 hours and a half)


Transfer to the little India of Sri Lanka: Jaffna.

Tamils consider Jaffna their cultural capital.
Tamils are the second largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka, but in this part of the country they are the overwhelming majority.

In this part of the country the culture, food, religion, language and customs are completely different from the rest of the island.


Nallur Temple

Highlights in the city are the remains of the Fort, the Library and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, as well as the very important Temple of Nallur.

The Temple of Nallur is dedicated to the deity Murugan.
This great sacred site is the most revered Hindu temple in Sri Lanka.
It is mandatory for men to enter this temple shirtless.


Accommodation in the Hotel FOX JAFFNA in Jaffna

day 4. Jaffna - Keerimalai Naguleswaram Kovil - Point Petro - Jaffna Fort - Library

(Approximate transfer: 45 min)

Keerimalai Nagusleswaram Kovil

Transfer to the north of the province to visit the Keerimalai Nagusleswaram Kovil.
Many pilgrims from all over the world come to this Hindu temple for its water source which is attributed healing qualities.

Point Petro

Later we will go to the northernmost point of the island, called Point Petro or Paruthithurai in Tamil name.

Jaffna Dutch Fort

Later we will visit only the outside, as the Dutch fort of Jaffna is undergoing rehabilitation.
It was built in 1618 on the foundations of a Portuguese Fort.
It is one of the largest forts in Asia and served for both the Dutch and British invasions as well as the civil war in Sri Lanka.


Public Library

In the afternoon we will visit the Jaffna Public Library.
Although it was destroyed during the war, has been faithfully rebuilt referring to the previous building and is still the symbol of the city of Jaffna.

Accommodation in the Hotel FOX JAFFNA in Jaffna

day 5. Jaffna - Trincomalee - Koneswaram Temple - Nilaveli

(Approximate transfer duration till Nilaveli 4 hours)

Nilaveli beach

Transfer to Trincomalee.

The beaches of the east are very similar to the neighboring islands of the Maldives.
The long and exotic coasts of fine white sand, coconut trees and the electric blue sea invite you to relax and rest.
So let’s enjoy a couple of days of the serene sea breeze in Trincomalee / Nilaveli.

Koneswaram Temple

Visit the Hindu temple of Koneswaram in Trincomalee, dedicated to the god Shiva.

Accommodation in the Hotel ANANTAMAA in Nilaveli

day 6. Trincomalee / Nilaveli beach - Pigeon Island Marine Park -
optional: Whales watching

(Approximate transfer duration 30 min by boat)

Pigeon Island National Marine Park

In the morning we will visit Pigeon Island National Park.
To do this, we will make a small boat transfer to one of the two islands that make up the park.
On this beautiful island you can snorkel to observe turtles, colourful coral fish, seahorses and much more!


Optional: Whales watching

This day we may leave very early in the morning to see blue whales, sperm whales, and fin whales migrating through southern Sri Lanka.
It is also possible to observe various species of dolphins.
These cetaceans migrate from the beginning of November to the end of April each year.

Accommodation in the Hotel ANANTAMAA in Nilaveli

day 7. Nilaveli - Polonnaruwa - Sigiriya

(Nilaveli - Polonnaruwa: 2 hours; Polonnaruwa - Sigiriya: 1 hour )


Among the ruins of Polonnaruwa (10th – 13th century AD) We will find gigantic sculptures of Buddha and Kings up to 15 meters high, old ponds and remains of what was once the royal palace.
All this enlivened by friendly macaques playing in the jungle that has always surrounded the old temples of Sri Lanka.

Founded in the 10th century AD, Polonnaruwa was the second capital of Sri Lanka and remained active until the beginning of the 13th century.


Accommodation in the Hotel KASSAPA LIONS ROCK Sigiriya

day 8. Sigiriya - Sigiriya Rock - Safari: Minneriya National Park - Sigiriya

(Approximate transfers duration: 15-20 min)

Sigiriya Rock

We will claim to Sigiriya fortress

This huge magma rock hides the ruins of noble buildings and a breathtaking view on the top

We will pass through the Lions Gate and admire the state of conservation of the frescoes on the walls of the cave


Safari in Minneriya National Park

In the afternoon mounted on a four wheel drive, we will participate to this amusing Safari,

famous for the large herds of elephants that inhabit it.

Sometimes you can admire up to 300 elephant specimens


Accommodation in the Hotel KASSAPA LIONS ROCK Sigiriya

day 9. Sigiriya - Dambulla Golden Temple - Spice Garden - Kandy

(Sigiriya - Kandy: 2 hours and a half)

Dambulla Golden Temple

In the morning we will visit the Golden Temple of Dambulla

This complex of caves converted into a temple where inside we will encounter a rich decoration of statues and frescoes on the life of Buddha, of ancient Sinhalese kings and of Hindu Sinhalese deities still revered today with flowers, incense and oil lamps …


Spice Garden

Then we will have the opportunity to get to know a Spice Garden on the way to Kandy.

On this visit we will get to know the plants and trees with which the different spices are produced and we will discover their use in cooking and in the ancient natural medicine of Ayurveda

Note Spice Garden :

This visit is optional and free, we will find an attached shop that no one is obliged to buy

Sri Lanka Eden Travels does not endorse purchases in this or any shop.

Transfer to Kandy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988

Accommodation in the Hotel FOX KANDY in Kandy

day 10. Kandy - Alternative Temples: Lankatilekka, Embakke y Galadeniya - Kandy

(Approximate transfers duration 30 min)

Alternative temples

We will spend the morning visiting temples (14th century) which we define as “alternative”.
They are very different from the rest of the Buddhist temples in the area, especially Embekka, which is built entirely of wood.



Kandy, called the capital of the mountains, was the last kings capital of Sri Lanka and is the second most important city, after Colombo.

For the rest of the day, we will discover the city of Kandy with its bustling centre and its market.


Accommodation in the Hotel FOX KANDY in Kandy

day 11. Kandy - Elephant Orphanage - Peradeniya Real Gardens - Kandy

(Kandy - Orfanotrofio: 1 hour and 15 min; Orphanage - Gardens: 1 hour; Gardens - Hotel: 20 min)

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

We will arrive at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage early in the morning.
This centre was created to house injured or orphaned puppies found in the jungle.

It is the largest captive elephant reserve in the world.
Kids and adults alike will enjoy seeing dozens of elephants walk the city streets and bathe in the river!


Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

In the afternoon we will walk through the the Royal Gardens.

The Botanical Garden of Peradeniya (14th century) is considered one of the best visits to mythical Ceylon.
It is a huge park that runs along the Mahawelli River where we will admire the beauty of ancient trees, palm trees with strange shapes, Ayurvedic plants and the famous orchids collection.


Accommodation in the Hotel FOX KANDY in Kandy

day 12. Kandy - Tooth Relic Temple - Ramboda waterfalls - Tea factory - Nuwara Eliya

(Kandy - Nuwara Eliya: 2 hours and a half)

Sri Dalada Maligawa or Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

In the Sri Dalada Maligawa Temple we will find the relic of the Buddha’s tooth.
For this reason we will always meet Buddhist pilgrims with flowers and offerings.
Since ancient times, this relic has played a very important role in the life of Sri Lanka, as it was believed that whoever possessed it wielded power.


Ramboda waterfalls

On the way to Nuwara Eliya mountain station (2,000m) we will observe extensive tea plantations and stop for a moment to see Ramboda waterfalls.

Tea factory

Later we will stop at a tea factory.
If you want to know how the famous Ceylon tea is processed, be sure to visit this factory where they will explain how the delicate tea leaves are processed.

Nuwara Eliya

Today it is worth strolling through the gardens of the Hill Club or having tea in the famous hotel The Grand.
To enter you must wear your best clothes, especially if you want to have lunch or dinner at the Hill Club.

If you are a golf enthusiast or not, the historic structures of the Golf Club are very interesting.

All of Nuwara Eliya has the scent and appearance of the former British colonizer.
This is where Ceylon’s best and most famous tea comes from, initially grown and marketed by the British.



Accommodation in the Hotel GALWAY HEIGHTS in Nuwara Eliya

day 13. Nuwara Eliya - Horton Plains National Park - Nuwara Eliya

(Nuwara Eliya - Safari: Horton Plains National Park 1 hour and 15 min)

Horton Plains National Park

Departure from the Hotel 5:00 in the morning

Packed lunch near the precipice of the end of the world.

Much of the morning will be devoted to Horton Plains National Park. This natural park is a vast plain covered with grasslands.
Your visit consists of a walk along a path of approximately 9 km (approximately 4 hours of walking), where you can admire the famous precipice of “the end of the world”, the noisy Baker Falls and the huge Sambar deer.


Accommodation in the Hotel GALWAY HEIGHTS in Nuwara Eliya

day 14. Nuwara Eliya - Train from Nanu Oya to Ella - Excursion in Ella - Buduruwagala - Tissa

(Train: 3 hours; Ella - Yala: 2 hours and a half)

Train from Nanu Oya to Ella

Later we will travel by train from Nanu Oya station in Nuwara Eliya to Ella.
It is more than 3 hours of winding journey between tea mountains and high forest.


The train is subject to availability

Little Adam's Peak

We will go up to Little Adam’s Peak.
It is a simple 30 minute walk around the tea fields, to enjoy the immensity of the mountains in this part of the island.



Along the way we will visit Buduruwagala, an ancient Buddhist temple from the 10th century.
We will find 7 Buddha’s statues and aspiring Buddha carved from the rock.


Accommodation in the Hotel MAGAMPURA ECO VILLAGE SAFARI in Tissamaharama

day 15. Tissa - Kataragama - Safari: Yala National Park

(30 minutes between the different transfers)

Kataragama Temple

In the morning visit the Kataragama Temple.
Sri Lankans of all faiths come to this temple on pilgrimage and this makes it a very special sacred place.

This synchrony of different religions makes Kataragama a very special place.


Safari: Yala National Park

Yala National Park has the highest concentration of leopards in the world, as they have no predators.
In addition, you will be able to observe many elephants, crocodiles, buffaloes, black bears and many other animals.


Accommodation in the Hotel MAGAMPURA ECO VILLAGE SAFARI in Tissamaharama

day 16. Yala - Galle - Unawatuna

(Yala - Galle: 3 hours; Unawatuna - Galle: 20 min)

Galle Fort

Galle is the third most important city after Colombo and Kandy.

It was a Portuguese city in the 16th century and a Dutch city in the 18th century, the British also lived in the 19th and 20th centuries.

All these colonisers left an imprint, which is why it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Unawatuna beach

Day dedicated to rest on Unawatuna beach.
On this day it is highly recommended to stroll along the beach, bathe in the ocean.


Accommodation in the Hotel THAMBAPANNI RETREAT in Unawatuna

day 17. Unawatuna - Colombo: Gangaramaya, red Mosque and Galle Face

(Unawatuna - Colombo: 2 hours)

  • Transfer to Colombo to visit the Gangaramaya Temple.
    This is one of the most important temples in the capital.
    Located on the edge of Lake Beira, it was built by mixing different types of architecture from Sri Lanka, Thailand, China and India.
  • Then you can visit the Red Mosque (outside of prayer hours).
    Also called Jami Ul-Alfar it is the most important mosque in Colombo, as well as one of its most recognisable buildings.
    Built in 1909 by the neighbourhood’s Muslim community, the Jami Ul-Alfar stands out for its unique color stripes and geometric tiles that look more North African than Sri Lankan.
  • In the afternoon it will be very interesting to visit the Galle Face, where we will delight in a walk by the sea where children and adults play with their kites.
Accommodation in the Hotel MANDARINA in Colombo

day 18. Colombo Fort - Mount Lavinia - Viharamahadevi Park

(Colombo - Mount Lavinia: 20 min)

Colombo Fort

Today you can take the opportunity to visit the colonial area of Fort Colombo where the Dutch Hospital is located.
This building is considered to be the oldest building in the area and dates back to the Dutch colonial era in Sri Lanka.
They are believed to have existed since 1681.

Hotel Mount Lavinia
  • You can eat at the Mount Lavinia Hotel.
    With a history of over 210 years, the Mount Lavinia Hotel Colombo is one of the oldest hotels in Sri Lanka.
    This prestigious colonial heritage hotel in Colombo has built a reputation over the years for its magnificent structure and atmosphere.
    The old world charm that goes back to the grandeur of old Ceylon, a romantic legacy left by the colonial governor general who used it as his residence.
  • Free afternoon for a walk in one of the most beautiful parks in Colombo: Viharamahadevi.
Accommodation in the Hotel MANDARINA in Colombo

day 19. Colombo - Airport

(Colombo - Airport: 55 min)

Airport transfer

Transfer to Bandaranaike International Airport at the appointed time, where we will arrive 3 hours before our departure flight

  • Bed and Breakfast in the selected Hotels
  • Private transport with guide/driver english speaking
  • Welcoming at the Airport on arrival and escorting service in all Tour till departure
  • All the tickets to entry monuments, temples and safari of the itinerary
  • Customer support 24/7  for all the Tour duration
  • Soft drinks and water, lunches and dinners
  • Visits or activities  not covered in the Tour
  • The International flight
  • Travel insurance and PCR
  • Visa entry fees for Sri Lanka ETA

to obtain it follow the link and the steps described in our article in Travel Guide   >   Visa and Passport

Payment methods and cancellation policy

Payment methods:

  • Payment is 10% or 20% depending on the season (low or high), by bank transfer.
  • The remaining 90% or 80% is always paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival in Sri Lanka or by bank transfer.

Cancellation policy: 

  • Up to 30 days before the start of the trip, 100% of the deposit is refunded if a trip cancellation occurs,
    withholding the amount of $100 per person for agency fees.

  • Between 29 days and 15 days before the start of the trip there is a penalty of 50% of the deposit amount.

  • In case of cancellations in the 14 days preceding the trip, no deposit will be refunded.

Note on cancellations:

  • All cancellations have an additional administrative cost of 100 USD per person.
  • In case of cancellation due to COVID-19, cancellations will not suffer any penalty.

If you wish to make changes to the circuit, we recommend you to personalize your trip

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